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1. Borrowing in conditional upon the possession of an university ID card, or a library ticket (for people who are not the staff or students of Shantou University). The ID card or library ticket must be produced at the request of library staff before borrowing.

2. Cards/tickets are strictly prohibited to be transferred and if loss of them the holders must report to the issuing agency without delay. University ID cards are issued by the University Center of Network , and the library tickets are issued by Circulation Department of the library.

3. Circulation Desk is located at the entrance of second floor in the Library, You can get help from here if you have any problem about circulation.

4. All the books from the open stacks in the library can be borrowed or returned at the Self-Service B&R Station or the Circulation Desk.

Circulation Rules
    Upon presenting a valid card/ticket, readers should abide by the circulation rules and can borrow books within the loan quotas periods.

    1. Loan Quotas and Periods

Categories of borrowers

Loan quotas


Renewals allowed



20 copies

30 days

15 days

2 copies


20 copies

30 days

15 days

1 copy

Ticket holdersThe total price of borrowing books are within 500 yuan

5 copies

30 days

15 days

1 copy

If the overdue fee is or more than 10 yuan, the library will suspend this reader’s library circulation privileges.


2. Inquire the personal information.

Readers can inquire the personal borrowing information online.


3. Renewal

Borrowers may renew the checked out books online, if the books have not been reserved by somebody else.

Renewal is allowed within 15days before the due date of the checked out books, and is treated as a continuation of due date.


4. Reservation

Within the reservation quotas, the readers can online make a reservation on books that have been checked out by other borrower. A reservation notice will be sent to the reader by email when the requested book is available. This requested book will be kept at the special shelf of the General Service Desk for 3 days, if the reader has not come within 3 days, the reservation will be canceled automatically.


5. Overdue Fees

For overdue books, fees will be charged for 0.1 yuan per book, per day and suspend his/her library borrowing privilege until the books have been returned. 


      1. For lost books, Borrowers may offer the library a copy of identical edition of the lost book, or a copy of newer edition (It must be approved by the library), in addition, the borrower also needs to pay the processing fee 5 yuan.
 If the lost material is out of print, and the borrower could not find the copy which approved by the library, the compensation will be as the follows:

Book type

Publication year


Normal Chinese book

Before 1976 (including 1976)

20 times the original price

1977 to 1979(including 1977)

10 times the original price

1980 to 1987(including 1987)

8 times the original price

1988 to 2000(including 2000)

6 times the original price

After 2000

3 times the original price

Part of the serials of books

Refer to the above standards

Foreign book

Any year

5 times the original price

Bound periodical

Any year

2 times the original price.(calculate by a year)


Before 1949 (including 1949)

Compensate on the situation and assign responsibility

After 1950

 A month price + 10yuan(material fee)

If the damage is not so serious to interfere the normal reading of the book or journal, the compensation will be one or two times of the original price and the book or journal must still be kept in the library. But if they are damaged seriously, the compensation will be the same as for the losses.

Copying, printing and scanning

There are self-service for copying, printing and scanning. The Copy Rooms are Room 1002, Room 2001, and Room 3001.


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