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IEEE/IET Electronic Library(IEL)
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Database Description:
IEEE/IET Electronic Library(IEL) Combines a subset of the INSPEC database of abstracts and indexing to IEEE and IEE publications, full images of matching documents, and powerful search and retrieval software. Contains over2,000 publications of the IEEE and IEE since 1988, including more than 100 technical journals and magazines, over 600 IEEE standards, and approximately 700 conference proceedings.
Copyright Statement and Use Guidelines:
  • Any systematically over-downloading of the library-subscribed or trial electronic resources is prohibited. Any downloading of the library-subscribed or trial electronic resources by network downloading software is even more prohibited.
  • Neither organization nor individual has the right to provide non-Shantou users to access the library-subscribed electronic resources via proxy server.
  • Any redistributing electronic literatures to non-Shantou users and any use of these electronic literatures for the purpose of making profits are prohibited.
  • If there is any violation of the above rules, the violator will be reported to the University and all the legal consequences will be taken by the violator himself/herself.
  • All the library-subscribed electronic resources within the campus IP range. Most of the library’s electronic resources are available to current Shantou users off the campus. You must be authenticated by STU campus WebVPN
  • Please contact the Academic dept. of the library at 82903247, or o_refslib@stu.edu.cn if you have any problem about the e-resources.
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